Shopping at a Nursery for Plants {Dearness Gardens}

I wanted to be 2 things as a child:  interior designer and landscape architect.

I apprenticed with a designer a few years back and quickly realized I was not cut out for the industry.  Functional .. not fancy.

I never apprenticed with a landscape architect but I ruled that industry out many moons ago.  I am really really bad with bugs.

I still swoon over landscapes.  It might one of the reasons I love golf courses so much.

I will have a backyard that is to.die.for one of these days.  Until then, I will continue working on my patio (that post coming shortly).

Dearness Garden Nursery

Dearness Garden Nursery

Growing up, my mom would take me to nurseries while on the hunt for flowers and shrubs.  We rarely went to Lowe’s or Home Depot to buy what Ford’s and Laurel Hill had.

I loved going with her!  I might have even made recommendations on which plants she should buy.  😉

Beautiful Nursery | Dearness Garden

Beautiful Nursery | Dearness Garden

Last week, Raymond encouraged me to take a day off to regroup from a busy first half of the week.  I committed to an afternoon off and decided to “poke around”.

I happened upon Dearness Gardens and fell in a nursery coma.  I was in heaven.

What I like best about nurseries is their abundance of plants and flowers … and their friendly staff.  I asked a million questions and received two million answers.

Did you know that Miracle Gro is not the best fertilizer for container plants and hanging baskets?  Apparently it runs right out the bottom each time you water.  Slow release fertilizer is the way to go.

Shade Plants | Pure & Simple

They also sell plants and flowers that I don’t typically find at Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Dearness Gardens | Phlox Plant

I started going hog wild (is that a southern term) and gathering plants as quickly as I could.  Then reality set in.  I still have some planning to do before buying too many plants.  I came home with a good assortment to get me started.

Dearness Gardens Bird Houses

And don’t get me started on their wide selection of birdhouses and bird feeders!  Let’s just say I could have dropped $200 just on bird accessories alone!

Dearness Gardens Birdhouse Love Dearness Gardens Bird houses

It was the best afternoon and that is just one of my stops!  I’ll be talking all things antiques, roosters, and farms soon! 🙂

Do you shop at a local nursery?  If so, where is your favorite?  Link in the comments — I would love to check them out!

Until next time…


It’s Planting Season…

I might be jumping the start just a little, but with consistently warm spring-like weather, well my planting fingers are getting tingly.  {I have no idea what that means, it just came out while I was typing.} 😉

As I have mentioned, and I’m sure will mention again, I am moving in 2 months.  Yippee on the move.  Boo on the plants.  The new place will have a much different patio orientation than I have now.  Last year I had “THE” patio of the neighborhood.  I’m not that competitive, but I did check out the rest of the patios.  I safely secured that title!  Poor schmucks trying to out do me…Psh!

Back to the point, so I won’t be planting anything this spring.  😦  The sunny plants will die when I move…. and I really don’t feel like moving plants in general.  However, I thought I would give you a recap of what my beautiful patio looked like last year.  {Yes I took pictures…remember I won the award for best patio?!} 😉

Jennifer's Cute Little Patio
Sorry for the ugly round disc in the background {Thanks DirecTV}

One of my favorite plants. A stupid fat squirrel knocked it over and broke it halfway through the summer.

Hanging basket with white petunias - it was stunning!

Ill be posting gardening & planting tips later this week! 🙂  I had 3 “dream” jobs when I was little. 1) Interior Designer — so NOT good at this …. 2) Organizer — pretty good at this one! 😉 … 3) Landscape architect — love plants, hate bugs.  Still a big hobby of mine!

Happy {rainy} Monday!

Until next time…