Resolve to Get Healthier…

Yesterday I shared my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions.  I plan to blog about my January resolution shortly.  You know … the why and how. 🙂

But I also promised that I would blog about ways to keep New Year’s Resolutions.

If you resolved to make 2013 your year of health, then keep reading. 🙂

What does “healthy” mean to you?  Eating better for your body.  Working out and moving more often.  Taking better care of yourself.

One reason this resolution is so easily left by the wayside is the enormity of it.  The responsibility is too large and too vague.  Break it down and define it.

Eat better for your body

When you feed your body what it wants, it thanks you.  When you drink a lot of water, your kidneys are happier.  When you eat fruits and vegetables, then you have more energy than when you eat greasy burgers and fries.

  • Eat less sugar
    • Sugar is a sneaky thing.  A lot like salt.  It is hidden in everything.
    • Virtually all processed foods have sugar
    • A serving of spaghetti sauce can have as much sugar as 2 chocolate chip cookies!
    • The AMA recommends no more than 24 grams of sugar per day for the average American woman.
      • Comes out to roughly 6 teaspoons.
      • That ain’t much!
    • Read labels and eat fresh!
  • Eat what is in season
    • This is a good way to eat those fruits and veggies
    • It is also a great way to try out new dishes and recipes
  • Don’t skip meals
    • Going hungry does nothing for you.
    • I can attest to this.  When I skip breakfast, it is a rough morning for me.  I barely make it to lunch and then when I do … I feel horrible as my body tries to break down the food for nutrients.
  • Pack your lunch

Lose some L.B.s

  • Weigh yourself regularly
    • Knowing your weight could help you manage it.
    • What is that old saying, “You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you are.”
  • Write down what you eat
    • It is all about the accountability
    • When you see … in writing … what you put in your body, then you can know what to change and improve upon.
  • Sweat less
    • 30 minutes is enough time to burn calories and rev metabolism without getting either too hungry or too exhausted to stay active after
    • I try to keep my cardio at 30 minutes.  I do add strength training and stretching before and after, but cardio?  30 minutes! 🙂

Take better care of yourself

  • Sleep will help my mood
    • Do you feel underrested?
    • Most people I would imagine get around 6 hours.
    • Did you know that sleeping can help boost your mood and outtake on life?
    • Give yourself a bedtime every night and wake up call every morning
    • Stick with it!
    • Don’t forget about the weekends either — sleeping in is a no-no.
  • I will be selfish
    • Remember to take care of yourself.
    • You are your top priority.  Not your job.  Not your kids.  Not your husband.
    • Take care of you first!
    • Whatever that might mean — pedicures, massages, spa days, girls night out, some alone time in the morning to read.
    • Get really disciplined about how you handle your stress through exercise
  • Download the life coach app called Bloom
    • Free iPhone app
    • It reminds you to start living better
    • 1st:  Use the app to establish your priorities
      • Drink more water
      • Save for European vacay
    • 2nd: Attach visual motivators like music and pictures
    • Throughout the day, it creates and sends you little pop-up reminders of the things that you are working toward! 🙂 Fun!

Research shows that the keys to keeping resolutions are achievability and specificity.  Can you do it?  What is it that you want to do?

Until next time…

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New Year’s Resolutions 2013…

Happy New Year!  Cheers to 2013 — it is officially here!

Before I start listing off my resolutions, I would love to hear from you!  What are you resolving to change or do better this year?  🙂

I went digging this morning.  Digging for last year’s New Year’s Resolutions.  I also came across a few good articles on “How to Start the New Year Fresh” and “How to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions“.  🙂

Pure & Simple 2013 Resolutions

Jennifer’s New Year’s Resolutions {2013}

January {Take better care of my body}

I know this one is cliche, but the older I get the more I notice “stuff”.  That cookie takes a lot longer to work off than it used to.  If I eat a big greasy burger for lunch, then I feel terrible afterwards.  “Stuff” like that.  🙂

  • Drink water during the day.
  • Eat breakfast … and lunch.
    • Yes, I have a habit of skipping both.
  • Workout
    • Yoga, weight lifting, cardio, workout classes, swimming, tennis, and running will all count 🙂
  • Eat more natural.  Eat less processed.
    • When I eat fruits and veggies I notice that my body reacts in a positive way.
    • When I eat Pasta Roni and cookies, my body reacts in a … non positive way. 😛

February {Get Up Earlier}

I love the idea of being an early bird.  I wish that I was better at this.

Research shows that early risers generally have a more positive outlook on life than their sleepyhead counterparts.  Probably because they max out daily exposure to morning light, which boosts mood-lifting serotonin.

Why didn’t I accomplish this last year?  Because I stayed up too late.

This year:

  • Set a bed time and stick to it.  No matter what I am doing or what Raymond says (he is a night owl).
  • Give Myself A Break:  If I am in the middle of a good movie or show, all I have to do is hit “record”.  No need to stay up till the end. 🙂
  • Do A Little Different:  Set a wake up time and stick with it no matter what time I went to bed.  7am.
  • Take Cody for a quick walk first thing.  The movement and exposure to natural elements (air & sunrise) will help wake me up. 🙂
  • Great article on the Why and How! 🙂

March {Learn}

I love to learn which is why I think I loved being in school so much.  One way that I learn and grow is through reading.  I’m a self-help kinda book girl.

  • Books that count:  time management, spiritual growth, and business success
  • Book reviews will be completed after each book to reiterate the points.
    • This is helpful to me so I can actually put into action what the book suggests.
    • I will keep with last year’s theme of “Try It On
  • Be prepared and have books on hand and ready to read.
  • Plan to read one per month.
  • This might start before March. 🙂

April {Make Time A Priority}

I have found that I let time slip away from me because I don’t know how to say “No”.  I feel bad saying no.  I will die a slow death from a thousand opportunities.

Focus.  Streamline.  Enjoy.

May {Meditate}

Must.Do.This.  I think I’m scared of it.  What if I can’t do it.  What if it is a hoax.

Try it on for size.  If it fits, then keep it.  If not, then ditch it! 🙂

June {Be In The Moment}

I find myself worried about tomorrow and next week and next month.  I will be running down the list of what I need to do today while eating breakfast with Raymond.  Write out the to-do list and focus on the present moment.

Tomorrow will come.  Things can wait.  Things work out the way they are supposed to.

July {Try a New Hobby}

Pinterest is an awesome tool and website.  However, I find that I try to become 400 versions of myself based on Pinterest ideas.

Crocheter?  Sure.  Seamstress?  Why not.  DIY Queen? You got it.

I need a better plan.  I will spend this month trying out a few Pinterest hobby ideas like learning to sew.


I’m going to stop there for now.  I feel like that list is pretty ambitious.  If I go overboard, then I know I won’t bother with any of it.

I plan to blog about each resolution at the first of the month.  My game plan will be more specific and concrete.  This also gives me time to develop said game plan and takes pressure off from doing it right now.

I have other plans and goals for the year like take a trip to Europe (never been!) and complete apartment projects.  Our bedroom is embarrassing.  Very little decoration going on in there!  But I don’t feel like these are resolutions but more yearly goals.

I love reading about what others are striving to do.  I love reading the progress report even more.  One in particular?  Money Saving Mom.  She is very inspiring!

Until next time…

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New Years Resolutions…

It is that time of year again.  The holidays end.  The glitter ornaments and garland are put away.  The alarm clock goes off on January 1st.  You wake up saying, “Must make self better.”

“Better” can include all sorts of things.  Healthier.  Happier.  More organized.  More mindful.  More money.

Whatever it is that you decide to resolve and work towards this year, realize that you don’t … and shouldn’t … do it all at once.

Cut yourself some slack right now.  Before you even make the resolution, give yourself a break.  If you don’t, then you know what will happen.  The resolutions will be soon forgotten.

 My recommendation?  Tackle something different each month. 

January … Eat more fruits and veggies.  February … Enroll in a foreign language class.  March … Workout 3 days a week.

But be sure to keep adding to the prior month’s goals.

Stay tuned … I will be posting about my New Year’s Resolutions tomorrow and a game plan for others.  🙂

Until next time and Happy New Year’s Eve…

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Personal Goal Setting {Revisited}…

I absolutely love making and setting goals, so its pretty obvious that I love making new years resolutions.  Here it is February 1st and I realized I did not do much last month to move towards my goals and resolutions.  So I am revisiting.  This time — I have a plan.  A plan with some rewards built in!

Fitness Goals {Lose a few l.b.s}

  • Yoga class once a week (4x a month)
  • Go to a workout class twice a week (8x a month)
  • Lift weights three times a week
  • Run with Cody {my puppy dog} on Sundays
  • Extra credit:  swim at the YMCA once a week, yoga twice a week, work out a total of 5 days per week

Food Goals {It takes two baby — working out and eating right}

  • Keep a food journal with 90% accuracy (track what Im eating along with calories, sugar, and sodium intake)
  • Eat fruits twice a day
  • No alcoholic beverages on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday
  • Drink (2) 16oz bottles of water a day
  • Limit salt intake (I need something more specific here)

Health Rewards

  • Month 1 (February) — if I meet 3 in each category — new bottle of OPI nail polish
  • Month 1 (February) — if I meet 5 in each category — yogi toes (keeps you from sliding on your mat)
  • Month 2 (March) — if I meet 3 in each category — New workout tanktop/sports bra
  • Month 2 (March) — if I meet 5 in each category — New top and pants
  • Month 3 (April) — if I meet 3 in each category — take another yoga class (hot yoga is my favorite)
  • Month 3 (April) — if I meet 5 in each category — get a massage

Educational Goals {Increase my depths of knowledge}

  • Read 3 books a month
  • (1) Spiritual
  • (1) Biography
  • (1) Business/Self Improvement

I cant come up with any great rewards for the educational goals.  Have any ideas?

The Ideal Day Goals

  • Start at 6am (Im currently at 7am)
  • Walk Cody for 10 minutes
  • Drink a cup ‘a joe while reading the paper and daily devotions
  • Hour of business development (reading a book, doing exercises in said book, brainstorming)
  • Hour to two on large business development project (current project is writing content for my new website)
  • Blog
  • Check email
  • Eat lunch
  • Walk Cody (again)
  • Hour to two on business development project (emailing schools and moms groups about creating an organizing partnership)
  • Emails – Phone calls
  • Shut down computer

This girl enjoys sleeping in so every 2 weeks I set my alarm clock 30 minutes earlier than the 2 weeks before.  Eventually I will get to 6am — but hopefully in the most sustainable way.  I stick to the ideal schedule fairly well but have a hard time shutting down the computer at 6pm.

Do you have a plan for meeting goals?  I would love to hear your ideas!  {Seriously — I need creativity here because falling back on the same old routine is way too easy}


I Resolve To…Lose Sight of the Shore

Well it is here … 2012!  I admit, I am a New Years junkie.  I love the fresh start, clean slab, opportunistic, and optimistic feeling that comes with ringing in that brand new year!  I always make New Years resolutions and they tend to look something like this: lose 5 pounds, keep a food journal, travel to a new place, read 3 books a month.  I wanted to go bigger and broader this year … but I must admit those other resolutions were included too … old habits die hard!

So this year, in beautiful 2012, I resolve to “Lose sight of the shore“.

So true!  I tend to hold on … well cling to is more like it … to the old and true.  Old routines, things I know, my Safe Place, my Comfort Zone.  Who doesn’t … it feels nice in the comfort zone?  I resolve to lose sight of the shore … let go of the warm & fuzzies … try new things on for size.  You just have to for it.  Live actively (my new personal motto— my alarm clock reminds me to do just that when it beeps every morning).

I have struggled with that in the past … well no more!  Just do it (thanks Nike)!  I plan to keep you all in the loop as I try on new things (sky diving anyone?) 🙂

What did you resolve to do differently this year?