Organizing with Post-it Notes {Notebooks}…

There are so many options available for us to “get organized” or “stay organized”.  Digital options.  Paper options.  Binders.  Notebooks.  Calendars.

The options can be overwhelming.  Which do I choose?  What will work best for me?

As I mentioned in my previous series post about organizing with Post-it Notes, I prefer binders for almost anything.  What can’t go in a binder will go in a notebook.  I need things to be written down and visible.  So if you are like me, then this post is for you.

Pure & Simple Organizing, 3M Post-it Notes Commercial, Notebook Style

  • Buy a “pretty” notebook.  I prefer something with a solid cover.
  • Decide how to organize within the notebook.
    • By date
    • By event
    • Will you tear out the pages when you are done?
  • Post-it Note Tabs are great for adding notes per day or event
    • Example:  Next Action steps from a meeting can be added to the tab and removed when completed.
    • Visual reminder of what was important from a meeting or for a particular day
  • Post-it Writing Tools are an all-in-one necessity
    • Write
    • Highlight
    • Flag when necessary
    • I am forever carrying pens and highlighters in my purse and organizing bag
  • Post-it Label Pads
    • Keep sections in the notebook organized
    • Keep each notebook categorized and organized

How do you stay organized with notebooks?

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Until next time…