Inside The Organizer’s Home {Purses}…

Hello! Happy Happy Monday! 🙂  I’m slightly weird in that I actually enjoy Mondays!  This was my second weekend “off”…in a row mind you.  Two days off does a Jennifer good. 🙂

Okay…second edition of Inside The Organizer’s Home!  Today’s topic:  Purses!  You get a little surprise too…a shot of my closet. 🙂

Disclaimer:  I have since purged a few things since taking these pictures.  So the closet actually looks a little better!


I don’t own a lot of purses.  Truthfully, I don’t own a lot of any “one” thing, but I think displaying stuff is the best way to organize it.  Remember last week’s post about jewelry?  Showcase those earrings!  I honestly feel that way about most anything you own.  If you liked it enough to buy it, then you should like it enough to display it.

Examples: earrings, necklaces, purses, shoes.  Make getting ready in the morning more fun!

Okay — back to the topic.  I personally organize my purses by hanging them from a tension rod.

Organizing purses using a shower curtain rod

I bought a shower curtain rod from Target along with a few shower curtain hooks.  Voila!  This method will not work if you have more than 10 purses {the rod will fall}.  How do you organize your purses?

Bonus:  shot of my closet. 🙂

An organized closet

More to come next week!

Until next time…

Organizing Handbags…

I believe every girl in America wishes for a “Sex & the City” lifestyle with 100s of beautiful shoes and bags stored in a beautiful customized closet.  In reality….we shove shoes and handbags in every spare corner of our non-customized closets.

Handbag Idea #1

Display purses from a tension rod in your closet.

  • Hang a shower curtain rod (should be a tension rod) close to the ceiling.
  • Hang purses from shower curtain rod hooks to display them.
  • You can buy double hooks that make it easier to hang larger purses with two handles.
  • Note of caution:  the rod will fall if you hang too many purses. Pair down to the purses you love and only hang those.  Sell or donate the rest!

Hangbag Idea #2

Purchase a handbag organizer from Bed, Bath, & Beyond (or similar retailer).  These types of organizers are really attractive (you just need to have room in the closet for the width of the organizer). I like that you can store shoes in there too!

You can also use the sides to store boots!


Have any other great ideas on storing purses, handbags, or as my grandmother says, pocketbooks? 🙂