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Hope you all had a nice weekend!  I spent it spring cleaning and reorganizing!

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Organizing Closets With A Growing Family {Reveal}

If you have children, then you probably remember the stress that came over you when your first child was due in just a few short months. ¬†My guess is (since I don’t have any little ones)¬†that preparing for the first child is the hardest.

I started several closet projects a few weeks ago with a growing family (baby is due in June). ¬†Our focus was the master bedroom closet, baby’s closet, guest room closet, and linen closet. ¬†We talked about other areas that could use some organizing but our time was focused on the above areas.

Let’s start with the nursery closet shall we. ¬†It looked like this:

Nursery Closet Before | Pure & Simple

Why yes that is a lot of “stuff”. ¬†The closet had been used to store everything from paint to scuba gear to the wedding dress. ¬†We donated items, moved some tools to another location that made more sense, and transferred extra storage items to the guest room closet. ¬†We needed to make way for baby¬†after all.

The family intends to use the closet for clothes and toy storage. ¬†Children’s clothes are so small that is it is more effective to use the closet space for several categories. ¬†And the after:

Nursery Closet After| Pure & Simple

Now the guest bedroom closet.

Guest Closet Before | Pure & Simple

A theme is starting to form here. ¬†Lots ‘o stuff. ¬†This closet was mainly packed with clothes and blankets. ¬†There were many, many bags of donations that came from this closet. ¬†Their goal was to make this a functioning guest closet for when their parents visit and to store items from the nursery closet.

Guest Closet After | Pure & Simple

Much better! ¬†The top shelf is used for “Memory Lane” items such as photo albums and the like.

The master bedroom closet was rather interesting. ¬†When they opened the doors during the consultation, I said “Where are all the clothes?” ¬†They were living out of laundry baskets instead of using the closet. ¬†Clean clothes were left in the laundry basket and items were retrieved from there. ¬†The closet required an¬†initial¬†“setup” to function so they could finish the last part of that chore: ¬†hang up clothes.

Master Closet Before | Pure & Simple

Master Closet After | Pure & Simple

We used a few fun organizing options for scarves, jewelry, and ties.

Organizing Closet Accessories | Pure & Simple

Shadow boxes are my favorite way to organize and display jewelry. ¬†I’ve blogged about my love for shadow boxes¬†here. ¬†The best options can be purchased at Home Goods or TJ Maxx.

We used the Walnut Tie Spinner to store the men’s ties. ¬†This was my first time using a tie organizer; I was very impressed!

I’m always searching for ways to better organize scarves. The Real Simple Scarf & Belt Organizer worked great in this closet. ¬†The scarves were fairly compact so we hung them in the back of the closet. ¬†Easy to get to but out of the way.

Be sure to check out the Facebook page for more pictures of the linen closet and insta-pantry!

What are your organizing recommendations for the parents-to-be?

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