5 Questions for 1 Blogger…

Yesterday I published this ginormous post centered around 5 questions to 8 bloggers.  Since the post was so long, I decided to round it out today.

First and foremost, I must give major props to my intern Sarah for coordinating the project. I gave her a project outline with a list of contacts … she took the ball and ran with it.  And boy did she run!  Sarah, thank you!  You did an amazing job! 🙂 #internsrock 😉

The idea was inspired by this post over at Emily A. Clark’s blog.   I loved the idea and wanted to do something similar with a local vibe.  I gave Sarah a list of 6 local bloggers to reach out to.  Some replied and some didn’t.  We expanded the list to more and I even through in Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl.  She is pretty “major” (in Rachel Zoe terms 😉 ) on my list of bloggers so I thought why not!  Sarah surprised me with Young House Love. (totally MAJOR)

Sarah actually turned me on to Young House Love during her interview.  She has been following them for years.  I just started and cannot get enough.  They were recently in Charlotte for a book signing.  I was sick but considered sneaking around the city in hopes of finding them … pure paparazzi style!  Sarah went to the book signing and asked Sherry if she would participate.  She was more than happy to.  (Oh.Em.Gee!!) 

Sarah started compiling answers and creating graphics for the post.  More answers started rolling in.  Whoops — we asked too many.  We overbooked the plane.  Instead of asking someone to take another flight, we included them all!  I thought it turned out great!  🙂

I had so much fun reading the replies from the other bloggers that I wanted to be included too.  Nobody puts Baby in the corner.  (Dirty Dancing, anyone?)  

How do you keep coming up

My blog is more lifestyle centered than anything else.  I like to keep my focus broad.  I love blogging about anything and everything.  Therefore, blog topics come up at random.

I do find inspiration in magazine articles, other bloggers, Facebook questions/comments, organizing projects that I complete with clients, and conversations that start like this “That would make a great blog topic!”.

I keep everything organized in my Blog Planner.  One of these days I will post it for all to see.  In the meantime, I’m still tweaking and perfecting.  😉

What is the best thing

Being able to release some creative juices.  I’m Type A all the way and not that creative.  When I can add some creative touches in my life either through writing or DIYing, then I take it! 🙂 I love writing guest posts about organizing for other websites but my writing is more generic and less Jennifer.  It is their site after all  not mine.  But on this one … anything goes! 🙂

The second best part is making new friends both in Charlotte and nationwide.  This was a big surprise bonus for me.  🙂

What blogs or bloggers

  • IHeart Organizing (http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/)
    • Jen Jones is crushing it.  I love how she marries function with style.  She is part decorator and part organizer.
    • Her pictures are awesome too!
  • Young House Love (http://www.younghouselove.com/)
    • They are hilarious!  It is hard to put in words why I like them so much, but I think it is because what you see is what you get.  You feel like they are your friends.
    • Their pictures are equally awesome.
    • Their projects look super easy and totally do-able.
    • They rock at using Instagram!
  • Perfectly Imperfect (http://www.perfectlyimperfectblog.com/)
    • Some of the best writing I have come across.
    • Short, sweet, to the point, and eloquent!
    • Love her pictures too — and her style!  Shabby Chic!
  • Skinny Runner (http://skinnyrunner.com/)
    • This girl cracks me up!
    • If I could only be that funny!

This is a very short list — there are so many others that I follow and admire!

What are you fave and least fave

Favorite:  When I find out that someone reads my blog.  There is nothing better.  🙂

Least favorite:  Not being able to blog as much as I want.  My first priority is always organizing and working with my clients.  When that part of my life is busy, then other things must wait.  Blogging is one of them.

How do you keep up

I’m with Cheryl in that I don’t have a ton of emails or comments on the blog at this point.  It is manageable in it’s current form.  I do have a hard time keeping up with all the social media.  I do a pretty good job at Instagram and Facebook.  Bad job at Twitter.  It is just so fast!

Bonus Question

All of the Goodwill stores!  Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants.  The food here is out of this world!

Davidson and Dilworth are my favorite neighborhoods.

IKEA is my favorite store … alongside The Container Store and Home Goods. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed! 🙂 Thank you for reading and thank you to everyone who participated!

Until next time…

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25 Things…

This idea came from another blogger. But the randomness is all mine. 🙂

1. Sunrises are my favorite.  Best way to start the day.

2. I rush to the coffee pot each morning.

3.  I think Im addicted to coffee.

4.  Im not on the K-Cup Keurig Bandwagon.

5. Speaking of bandwagons — Im also not on the E-Reader bandwagon.

6. I need to read more. Where is my Steve Jobs book? I think Im still on Chapter 1.

7. What day is it? Man these weeks fly by!

8.  I dont watch local news. If it bleeds it leads…I find it depressing.

9. I love watching Live with Kelly.

10. I kinda miss Regis.

11. Speaking of watching stuff — I need more RH of BH (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).

12. What a reunion — 3 parts?! Really?!

13. Yes I like reality tv.

14. One show that I dont watch: The Amandas. 😦 It doesnt accurately dipict organizing projects.

15. That makes me sad. It changes peoples perceptions of what we do.

16. Adele! I listen to Pandora throughout the day — she just came on — she is my fave! 🙂

17. Speaking of faves — I love Sarah Michelle Gellar! 🙂 Buffy was my fave show ever!

18. I used to spend hours in my room trying to make my hair look like hers.

19. I was 16.  I had nothing better to do.

20.  My mind bounces around more than a ping pong ball!

21. Am I the only one that feels this way?

22.  I need more coffee.

23. I wish Starbucks & Caribou had more coupons!

24. Im addicted to Pinterest.

25. Very bad way to spend waste the day.  I need to be more productive.