I Give Myself Permission To…

Life is full of the “shouldn’ts” and “couldn’ts” and “stay away froms”.  Like that tray of brownies or those $150 stilettos that are SO cute!  It is important that we have boundaries in our lives to keep us focused, motivated, and safe.  But sometimes we should give ourselves more permission to enjoy life!  A list of my “permissions”….

I give myself permission to…

1) Take a nap

Naps are a girl’s best friend, or my best friend at least on days when I am wore slap out.  (If you are from the south, then you can identify with that saying) 🙂

I am usually much more energized Monday through Wednesday.  I tend to run out of steam Thursdays and Fridays.  By 2pm, I can barely put together a sentence without 15 gramatical errors.  I know I need a nap to recharge.

2) Miss a workout if I’m not feeling it

I used to beat myself up for missing workouts.  My “subconscious self” would say things like: you are so lazy, get up you fatty, everyone else is working out what is wrong with you. Yes, I used to say those things to myself.  Not exactly productive!  I now give myself permission to skip a day or two if I just don’t feel like putting in hours at the gym.  (I don’t give myself permission to miss more than 5 days) 🙂

3) Eat birthday cake … or any other sweet for that matter

I don’t think I should eat the whole cake — but a piece of a yummy pie won’t make me gain 15 lbs.  Enjoy and savor!  Then see #2!

4) Let my hair down and let loose

Enough said.  Enjoy life’s moments.  E.N.J.O.Y.! 🙂

5) Make time for myself

Who does this? Honestly, who takes time for themselves?  Not enough of us thats for sure!  A cup of coffee, a quiet morning reading, a walk in the afternoon, a massage, or a great yoga class — those are times for myself.  If I can’t be happy and balanced, then everyone and everything around me is affected!

6) Buy the best food 

For some reason, I have a weird relationship with money and food.  Don’t buy expensive food.  Don’t be wasteful.  Don’t spend over $50 each week at the grocery store!  It’s very bizarre.  Now, I try to buy the best food (or make delicious meals), and worry less about the money being exchanged at the cash register.  I do still get upset at the ever rising cost of groceries, and I do not make recipes that call for 1 tsp of a $10-a-jar-spice.  I have learned to coupon, shop sales, and tweak recipes to cut down on the cost.  And I believe — you are what you eat.  I want to eat solid, healthy, and yummy food.  Nurture the body!

What do you give yourself permission to do?