Gardening for Kids…

Teaching kids about food and where it comes from can really make a difference in their nutritional choices as they get older.  They come to appreciate fruits and vegetables and also value locally grown…well anything.

There is nothing better than a fresh vine picked tomato whether from your garden or someone elses.  Growing up, the “old people” would share produce like it was their full time job.  I say that in the nicest sense of the word…anyone over the age of 20 was “old” in my early teen years.  My how things have changed.


Not sure why I don’t get as much shared produce anymore…Hm.

Back to the idea…

Kids might not always eat vegetables but they love to grow them.  It is a science project to them.  From seed to plant to table!

An idea would be to create a container garden with your little ones.  Having a theme for the garden takes it to another level.  Think “Italian” garden.  Oregano, tomatoes, basil, thyme.  Once you pick some of the ingredients, make sure you involve them in making and planning a delicious meal using everything.

To make it even more fun…pick a few books about gardening and read them with your kids.  They will love the attention and one-on-one time!


  • Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter
  • The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett (my favorite!) … the movie was excellent as well
  • The Gardening Book, by Jane Bull

What are you growing this season?

Until next time…