25 Things…

  1. Did you watch the Belmont Stakes yesterday?
  2. I did.
  3. I got emotional.
  4. Yea, yea.  I need to toughen up.
  5. I felt bad for those horsies!
  6. Raymond tried to make it better.
  7. Probably because we were sitting at a bar.
  8. He didn’t want to be embarrassed by his crying adult girlfriend.
  9. “But those poor horses!  Thats animal cruelty!”
  10. Goodness girl — pull it together!
  11. In other news…
  12. The apartment is coming together fairly well.
  13. I have slept so well since I moved.
  14. Except last night.
  15. I apparently have angry foreign neighbors.
  16. 2:30am is not the time to have a fight with your wife.
  17. And throw things on the wall.
  18. People are sleeping!
  19. Maybe I should leave a brochure on the door.
  20. …for Anger Management classes.
  21. We have not set up our cable yet.
  22. We get two channels.  
  23. Channel 3 and 9. 
  24. Aside from news, the only thing shown on those channels…
  25. Every law and order style show you can think of!  
  26. Good grief — I miss Bravo!  {You got a bonus today} 😉 
Until next time…

25 Things of Wonderful Randomness…

  1. Have I ever mentioned I hate traffic?
  2. And I hate waiting.
  3. That seems to be all I did today.
  4. I don’t get very political but…
  5. Mr. Biden, could you have picked a better day to come to Charlotte?
  6. Your Secret Service didn’t need to have the city on lockdown.
  7. Especially the one building that I needed to go to today.
  8. And don’t get me started on Speed Street.
  9. Why can’t you ever find iPhone 3gs Cases at TJ Maxx?
  10. This old school girl still has an old school phone.
  11. I need a new case! 
  12. Stupid fast moving technology.
  13. Hold on a second… let us catch up!
  14. So I’m moving in a few weeks….
  15. I know, I know…I keep talking about it.
  16. Well, this whole process is…*challenging*
  17. My apartment = disaster! 
  18. Unbelievably stressful!
  19. Do you take on more than you can handle?
  20. I feel like that … a little.
  21. How in the heck am I going to get all this done!
  22. And why on Earth do I have so much energy at 11pm
  23. Every. Single. Night.
  24. Not good for my sleep routine.
  25. Or my health….Good grief!
Until next time…

25 Random Things {L.A. Style}…

“Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to Los Angeles” 🙂

  1. Why do I always attract the strangest people?
  2. No I do not want to grab a cup of coffee with you — did you realize you are missing all your teeth and smell of cigarette smoke?
  3. Knew this guy’s whole life story.
  4. By 5:45am.
  5. While standing in line for security.
  6. Good grief — too early for this nonsense.
  7. So …the girl on my connector flight…
  8. Talky, talky, talky!
  9. Hello … don’t you know it is 7am!
  10. I felt bad for her neighbor.
  11. Dramamine is a girls best friend
  12. Especially when she hates long flights.
  13. That is me.
  14. I barely made it on the plane in Atlanta.
  15. Sleepy sleepy.
  16. Pretty sure I started to snore.
  17. So… driving in L.A…. Interesting
  18. I got lost.
  19. About 15 times.
  20. I have the cutest rental car ever.
  21. I suck at driving it.
  22. I keep pushing down the clutch.
  23. Yea … it is an automatic.
  24. Wardrobe fitting was today.
  25. This is a crazy experience. 🙂

Until next time…

20 Things…

  1. Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses.
  2. Shame on Jesse James.
  3. I watched The Blind Side last Friday.
  4. I cried … of course.  CRIED.
  5. The Proposal was on last night.
  6. Her + Ryan Reynolds = match made in heaven 😉
  7. Her dancing scene reminds me…of me.
  8. Here it is:
  9. Yep … I used to dance like that.
  10. And to that song….
  11. *Cracking up*
  12. Speaking of movies … and crying …
  13. Starsky & Hutch was on Sunday.
  14. The new version with Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller.
  15. The original Starsky & Hutch made a cameo at the end.
  16. “Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith is playing.
  17. Yep — cried!
  18. Raymond thinks something is wrong with me.
  19. I think it is funny … and weird at the same time!

A little shorter today…enjoy! 🙂

Until next time…

25 Things…

  1. Do you ever forget Easter as a holiday?
  2. I do.  Its never the same day each year!
  3. I think my dental hygienist was offended that I didnt have Easter plans.
  4. Who makes plans for Easter?
  5. No seriously, I want to know…what do you do fun for Easter?!
  6. Maybe I need to jump on the fun bandwagon.
  7. Speaking of fun stuff … I am a planner at heart. In the process of planning fun stuff.
  8. Shocking….I know!
  9. It is a full time job!
  10. Trying to find out the cool, fun things to do….and the people to do it with you.
  11. Full.Time.J.O.B.
  12. What is the best way to get my fun ideas out to everyone who might be interested?
  13. Email list?
  14. E-vites?
  15. Facebook?
  16. Yes, I organize everything!
  17. So I watched a movie this past weekend.
  18. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
  19. Wowsa — great movie!
  20. Must see it again!
  21. Definitely think that Rooney Mara is a great actress.
  22. Totally dont remember her in The Social Network.
  23. Yea… she was in that movie.
  24. Dude’s girlfriend.
  25. Wont win any awards for that performance.  The girl that is.

Hope your week has been spectacular!

Until next time…

25 Things…

1.  Oh how I love thee

2.  Let me count the ways

3. Homemade Scentsy refills

4. Sopapilla Cheesecake

5. Strawberry Pineapple Spa Water

6.  Love thee Pinterest.

7.  Do you sing to your dog?

8.  I sing to Cody all the time!

9.  Not sure why or how this came about.

10.  I sing…

11.  Monkeyyyy Monkeyyyy Bear.  Ive got to be a monkey bear…..{repeat}

12.  After I sing this, I die laughing.

13. Then I feel silly.

14.  I cant actually believe that I am blogging about it!

15.  Cody hates the song, btw.

16. Did we miss Spring?

17.  I think the calendar has it all wrong.

18.  Its March people!

19.  Not June!

20.  Im ready for SPRING like days.

21.  Not summer days.

22.  Dog days of summer can push out a little further.

23.  Wonder why my strawberry plant hasnt produced any strawberries?

24.  I think I got “gipped”!

25.  Wonder if I can get a refund…

Until next time…

28 Things of Randomness…

  1. Is it “gray” or “grey”?
  2. Do you get anxiety easily?
  3. I do. Traffic, crowds, lines, you name it.
  4. I wonder if yoga will relieve this.
  5. I hate tailgaters.
  6. Why tailgate? I mean really!
  7. I wont go faster.
  8. In fact I might go a little slower.
  9. Yep, Im that girl.
  10. Go around!
  11. I was so excited about Bethenny Ever After coming back on tv.
  12. Then I saw the first episode.
  13. I was a little disappointed!
  14. Raymond declared that it isnt as fun to watch her now that she has made it.
  15. Is it bad that I was a little depressed that the new season might not be as good as the last 2?
  16. Raymond declares lots of things.
  17. Like…we are going with open shelving in our kitchen.
  18. First – we dont own a home much less live together at this point.
  19. Second – oh crap!  I hate open shelving in the kitchen.
  20. Guess I better find some pretty dishes.
  21. I think this will put my organizational skills to the test.
  22. You know — no cabinet doors might be nice.
  23. I hate when he leaves the doors open.
  24. Like — Hate it!
  25. Do you like Nutella?
  26. Im addicted!
  27. My mom asked, “What do you put it on?”
  28. My answer, “A spoon!” 🙂

Happy Sunday!

Until next time…