Birthday Dessert…Disaster?

My birthday is in a few days, and I tend to celebrate all week long.  Those that know me best come to expect “Its my Birthday Week” proclamations!  It usually turns into “Birthday Month”, then “Birthday Quarter”…but I digress.  Ill say a big thank you to my parents for always making me feel special on my birthday.  Maybe that is why 29 years later, Im still celebrating as if I was turning the big {insert age}.

I love desserts, and my birthday, and baking.  So I decided to kick my birthday week off with a little birthday dessert surprise.  I am a newly addicted Pinterest follower (if you dont know what this is, then you are missing out!), and found some great recipes I wanted to try.  Some even claiming to be “skinny” dessert recipes.  Even better!

Well here is a recap of what happened:

Birthday Dessert Surprise — Skinny Funfetti Cupcakes (recipe)

Start out with minimal ingredients — I like that — means it is cheap to make!

Beat the soda & cake mix together.  Easy enough, except when the beater started humming, Raymond came running over.  He wanted a taste.

….and so did Cody….

Bake at 350 degrees & wait for your yumminess…Okay…patiently waiting…

The timer goes off and out they come, except something is wrong.  The big ones immediately fall in the center (never a good sign), and they have a much different consistently than I thought – spongey and …? Im at a loss for words.

I piped the icing on the cupcakes, went to take a shower, and came back to find them half eaten.  Raymond is a dessert thief — he is like a puppy — never leave unattended and unsupervised!  So no more pictures as they were destroyed by the dessert monster, and no more skinny cupcakes for me.  Ill stick to the full fat kind next time.

Wonder what my next birthday dessert surprise will be?

Do you love your birthday as much as I do?  What are your favorite birthday desserts?