Master Bedroom Closet Organizing {Reveal}…

I wrapped a large closet project last week and wanted to share the progress with you all!

The closet is a very large walk-in big enough for him and her.  “His” side was pretty well organized; “her” side was overrun with clothes and shoes.







We spent many days sorting the clothes into similar piles.  Sweaters.  Dresses. Jeans.  Short sleeve shirts.

After the piles were created, we started to purge.  Things that didn’t fit or were no longer “loved” went in the donation pile.

After several rounds of purging and sorting, the donations were hauled off and the clothes made their way back into the closet.  We used several organizing “tools” for the project.  The biggest challenge was containing all wallets, clutches, and purses.  Organizing the accessories tends to be the fun part! 🙂








Here are some of the tools we used:

Master Bedroom Closet

  1. Milli Hangers (The Container Store) ($3.99/10 pk)
  2. Large Havana Bin (Gray) (The Container Store) ($14.99)
  3. Tribeca Media Bin (Cocoa) (The Container Store) ($9.99)
  4. Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer (The Container Store) ($19.99)

So what do you think? 🙂

To see more pictures of the project, click here.

Until next time…

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A Few of My Favorite Things {Container Store}…

It’s a little cliche but The Container Store is one of my favorite places to shop.  I find that the selection is unbeatable and the prices are comparable.  I wouldn’t buy everything from there, but I certainly have my favorites.  🙂

Semikolon Media Box ($24.99)

I normally wouldn’t spend this kind of money on one box.  However, this is a VERY nice box.  Cute & decorative! 🙂

Landscape Letter Tray ($9.99)

Perfect for scrapbookers & home offices.

Acrylic Desktop File ($24.99)

If you are storing files in a closet, then I highly recommend this file box.  Excellent quality and the files fit perfectly!

Linus Spice Rack ($9.99 & $12.99)

I could not live without these spice racks.  I absolutely love them.  I have used them to organize makeup and spices.

Tribeca CD Bins ($6.99)

There is something about the material and structure of these bins/baskets that I cannot resist!  They sell them for DVDs as well.  Both are a perfect fit. 🙂

They can also be used for wallets!

What are your favorites? 🙂

Until next time…

Inside The Organizer’s Home {Files & Such}…

One last post about how I currently organize — before I move. 🙂  No telling how I will organize post-move!

Files & Such

It is safe to say that I hate filing cabinets.  They are industrial and clunky looking.  The trend is to overstuff and forget.  I see filing cabinets all the time when I walk into people’s homes. When I open them and ask what is inside, this is the general reply, “Oh I have no idea, I haven’t been in that cabinet in years!”

Oh my!  What’s the point?  It’s kinda a fire hazard.  😉

We all need to file and keep certain things.  Insurance papers. Bills. Taxes. Important estate documents.  Etc.

I know there is a huge trend towards paperless, but in my opinion we are not there yet.  So what to do with those files.

Since I hate filing cabinets, I trend towards file boxes.  Almost every store that sells organizing stuff sells them.  Target has the best ones (btw).  Mine are from The Container Store … surprise surprise I know. 🙂

Here is a peak inside one of them.

Now where to store these boxes.  Since they are decorative, I put them on my trusty Expedit bookcase.  If I was putting them in a closet, I might go with something less decorative and expensive.

The Expedit bookcase is by far my favorite piece of furniture from IKEA!  I am thinking about creating a Pin Board just around that obsession! 😉

Now on to the “Such”.  We all know I am not Crafty McCrafterson.  But I do own a few crafty supplies.  Stickers (totally addicted to collecting stickers…this dates back to my childhood).  Cardstock.  Acrylic paint.  Spray paint.  Ribbon.  Etc.

I organize these items in photo boxes labeled accordingly.  The boxes are from Michaels and are about $2 each.  Not too bad.  For some reason, these boxes have been stored in plain sight in my living room.  I don’t think I will carry that forward when I move.

I will be updating the binders post-move.  Martha Stewarts new line is calling my name! 🙂

I also plan to purchase photo albums post-move.  I have not decided on style yet, which is why I keep dragging my feet on that project!

Do you have any good ideas to share on how to organize your files or “such”? 🙂

Until next time…