Halloween Throwback…

I loved Halloween as a kid!  My favorite part?  I have two.

Carving pumpkins with my mom. 😉 I loved the smell of burnt out candles.  It still reminds me of Halloween.  Weird, I know!

And, coloring at school.  I don’t know if the term has changed, but “coloring” was my favorite hobby.  And one I was very good at! 😉  I loved coloring pictures at school.  And it seemed we were only allowed to color during holidays.

Since we all know I’m a big dork, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Instead of saying “Happy Halloween” I prance around declaring “Happy Halloweenie!”  Not sure why or where … but I do.

So … in pure Jennifer fashion … Happy Halloweenie! 🙂

Here is a little throwback action for you.

Halloween 2005
Gansta & Hugh Hefner.
…Yes Raymond had a lot of hair!…

Halloween 2006.

Halloween 2006.
Office Costumes. A much more appropriate Gansta. 😉
The others (left to right): Michael Jackson, Dale Earnhardt Junior, “Cereal” Killer

Halloween 2006.
Football player, Ladybug, Devil, Superwoman.
Might I Spy My Love of Style… 😉

Halloween 2008
Vampiress, Ladybug, Devil

Halloween 2008.
Bumble bee, Devil, Ladybug, Vampiress, Bowling pin & ball.

Halloween 2008.
Ladybug, Police officer, Trophy wife

Halloween 2008.
Vampiress, Devil, Playboy Bunny.

Halloween 2010.
Police Officer. Gansta.

Halloween 2010.
Josh Duhamel. Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas.
Raymond looks EXACTLY like Josh Duhamel. I look nothing like Fergie. But we thought this would be fun. 🙂


Fergie & Josh Duhamel

Halloween 2012.
Raymond dressed up as The Joker from The Dark Knight.

Yes I recycle Halloween costumes.

Yes I party with the same peeps year after year.

What are your favorite Halloween costumes?  🙂

Until next time…