{Sunday Scavengers} Downtown Charlotte…

Raymond and I have a weird schedule.  Sunday’s are our days to spend time together.  We especially love that the city is quiet on most Sundays.

Last Sunday was rather dreary.  Instead of bumming around the apartment all day, we decided to head uptown.

To start, we had some Starbucks and hung out with some horses. 🙂 The band-aid is from the attack of the scissors.  The scissors won. :/

Next up was a tour of The Foundation of the Carolinas.  They had an open house going on and Raymond loves art galleries.  I went a few months prior for an art lecture on Chuck Close.  It was apparent that I knew nothing about art, and my wonderful friend knew her fair share (Hi Leticia 🙂 ).

There was a living wall on the 4th floor terrace.  It was pretty darn cool and we took the opportunity to grab a few photos.  😉

Next on the agenda was dinner!  I was STARVING.  If you don’t feed this girl when she’s hungry, then things will get ugly .. fast. 😉

Dinner destination:  Fleming’s Steakhouse.  Tyler, the bartender, always takes great care of us.  And the bar food special ain’t half bad.  5 for $6 until 7pm.  It was delish!  Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, Sweet Chili Calamari, Tenderloin Carparccio, Wicked Cajun BBQ Shrimp.  The carparccio is one of my favorite dishes but that wicked cajun shrimp was out of this world!

Fleming’s Steakhouse of Charlotte

After dinner we took a stroll to the Westin Hotel.  Raymond wanted to check out the bar.  It was such a cool place!  I really wanted to sit outside by the firepit but it was vetoed for a spot at the bar for football. *wonk*wonk* 😉 I drooled over the menu.  It’s a must try for the next scavenger trip!

The Westin Hotel Ember Grille

Next up was a play date in the park. Radcliffe On The Greene … or the park is called The Green.

The Green park in Downtown Charlotte

Last stop was RiRa Irish Pub.  They have awesome live Irish music on Sunday evenings.  I was getting tired and decided to order coffee. 😉 Their Halloween decor was something to see. 🙂

RiRa Irish Pub

I will leave you with my favorite picture of the evening.  I think it is apparent that we had a great time exploring the beautiful Queen City! 🙂

Until next time…