Tom Johnson Camping Center…

Do you camp or glamp?  I started camping with my parents when I was a wee young lassie.  And I do mean camp.  Tents and all.

Now we glamp.  An RV the size of my apartment is not camping … that is glamping.  About 16ish years ago, my parents bought their first motorhome.  A brown bomber from the 1970s.  The motorhome came from Tom Johnson Camping Center located in Marion, NC.  They were hooked and have since used them for every other RV purchase since the brown bomber.

Tom Johnson Camping Center throws a BBQ rally every September to thank his customers.  We have gone the past 16 years.  I have missed a few here and there, but decided to unplug this past weekend and head to the mountains with them.  We had a blast and here are some pictures to prove it. 🙂

On the way up. Toby in my lap.

Overlooking the campground. It was a packed house!

Home for the weekend

Early morning fog burning off as the sun rose. Mom & I decided to do some power walking.

Me & Barney. He cracks me up! Staple of the weekend!

We wore matching t-shirts! 🙂

Hanging in the rain!

Ah. Nice end to a great weekend!
Thanks Tom Johnson! 🙂

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