What a Week…

It has been an interesting week for me!  I often compare running a business to riding a rollercoaster.  It is no different — exciting, scary, ups and downs, twists and turns.  It can make you feel like your stomach is in your throat, all the while, you are so excited to take the ride.  Anyone else feel like that?  I hope so!

Coming back from 2 full days off was rough.  I rarely take full days off, you know the kind where you dont check email, Facebook, blog posts to see what action might be taking place.  Here is a recap:

  • Signed the contract to redesign my logo {aka everything about my brand} and to create my website.  {HUGE step and accomplishment for me — I have been putting this off for over a year} … *gulp* it is a pricey investment
  • Spent several hours — actually days — writing articles on organizing.  As of now, my articles are featured monthly in Lake Norman Woman magazine and Sophie Womans magazine. Im working to gain more exposure with other magazines {regionally}.  Fingers crossed!
  • Found out I will have a guest spot on Money Saving Moms website in February.  {national exposure — yippee!}
  • Met with an exceptional interior designer, Vickie Hafer, of Carolina Interior Works.  Im looking forward to working with her in the future.
  • Scheduled a photo shoot for tomorrow — Im in need of better pictures.  {Thank you MRM Photography — cannot wait to see what we come up with}
  • Working on creative video ideas for my fans and friends!  {FAVOR: Please email me any organizing challenges that you have}  I would like to showcase them in an article and video.  I can use First Name, Last Initial to keep things relatively private.

Whew!  It doesn’t seem like a lot when I look back on the week — but then again it has only been 3 days!

Tell me about your week!  T.G.I.F 🙂