25 Things of Randomness…

1.  So I cry when I listen to songs as well.

2.  Adele “Someone LIke You” is an appropriate cry baby song.

3.  Dido “White Flag” is not.

4.  In case you have no idea what song that is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-fWDrZSiZs

5.  I sure do love what I do.

6.  I have received so many wonderful emails saying that I inspire.

7.  Wow!  Me?! 🙂 That is amazing!

8.  BTW–that is the whole reason why I do what I do.

9.  Hands down — worst part of Charlotte is the traffic.

10.  Because of that reason, Im glad I dont work a typical 9-5.

11.  But *sigh* I still see the crazies every day.

12.  Dont run red lights.  You will get pulled over.

13.  Not me! … Silly 🙂

14. I drive like a granny.

15.  And proud of it!

16.  Blacked out state trooper SUV.

17.  Got him one today.

18.  Right in front of me too.

19.  *Woop*Woop*

20.  That is the sound that police cars make. 🙂

21. I almost said “po po makes”

22. It didnt look as good typed.

23.  Still funny though.

24. Reminds me of Madea…you know…Tyler Perry.

25. “Call the Po Po hoe”  Sorry if that is offensive!  It was rather funny in the movie. 🙂

Until next time…